Ending a Year

How to finish out an old year

Ending a Year

Shay Lawson, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This is how I think it should all go.

365 days bring unforgettable memories and unbearable losses. Although a single year can be the best or worst of your life, it is difficult to bid goodbye and begin a new chapter.

Resolutions are the things you promise yourself you will do over the new year. It’s important to set these goals for yourself so that you can continue growing as a person in order to reach maximum success and joy.

In 2019, I have set three goals for myself that I believe will increase my accomplishments, confidence, and most importantly my happiness.

Don’t Just Say, Do.
Nothing in your life will ever go anywhere if you continue to sit around and not make it happen. Talk is cheap and actions say everything. Procrastination is in the past. This year, when you attack your tasks as soon as they appear, you will gain tremendous success. Get motivated because you are the only person who can guarantee progression in your life and that won’t happen if you continue being lazy.

2. Don’t Be Afraid.

This year forget about your comfort zone. Life is not able to be lived fully when you are afraid. Throw your name in every single hat and create an opportunity for yourself. If you want something, put your entire heart into it and go for it even at the risk of failure and rejection. It will be ok. It is so important to try something new or communicate how you feel because even though you might be afraid to put yourself out there, there is nothing scarier than wondering what could have been.

Stand Up For Yourself
Put yourself first this year. Instead of chasing happiness, find it within yourself. Love everything that you have so when someone doesn’t appreciate you and mistreats you, you have the ability to recognize it and move on. Don’t let your insecurities win because everyone is beautiful the way that they are and no one deserves to live their life differently because they don’t love themselves.

When someone does something negative to you, say something. Don’t let toxic people around you this year. Be confident in yourself and your decisions. Do what is best for your well-being because, in the end, you are all you have. Have your own back, because how do you expect someone else to love you when you don’t love yourself?

Following these goals, I have set for myself will take time and practice. These goals will open doors, create memories, allow self-love, and provide the true happiness that every single person deserves.