Cake vs. Cupcake

The Debate Between the Better Dessert

Cake vs. Cupcake

Emily Cummings, Staff Writer

Now, I’ve thought about this debate for a long time. The only logical explanation is cake is truly the only way to go.

Why would you waste your treat on only a second-hand version of the real deal?

I get that cupcakes are enjoyable because you can have one and not feel guilty about ruining your New Year’s resolution. However, by restricting yourself from having the whole cake or even more than just a cupcake is actually making you miserable.

Sometimes you really just want to pig out and when I do that personally I want a whole cake. Other people might make the argument that you get more options with cupcakes.

I highly disagree with this statement, because you can get the same flavors with cupcakes as you do with cakes.

It’s cake, of course, you are going to get the same amount of flavors. Therefore, the best dessert is always going to be a cake.