Earth on Fire

Harrison Melton, Staff Writer

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing us in the modern world, but we somehow all turn a blind eye to it, especially in the Johnson County Area. Our county is a prominently privileged area that, for the moment, is barely being affected by climate change. In most cases, this means we are one of the top contributors when it comes to this urgent issue. 

Even though we can see the effects in other highly populated and polluted cities, take Los Angeles as an example, we don’t take any immediate action. Los Angeles is experiencing many examples of climate change’s effects; some of the most urgent are drought and wildfires, coastal warnings, loss of native fish, and exceptionally poor air quality.

The ways we picture environmental issues are distorted, in a way that makes us believe we aren’t to blame. This isn’t limited to the citizens of the United States, however; the government isn’t taking enough steps to help reverse the nearly permanent effects climate change has created. How is the earth supposed to heal is we don’t have people in power donating to nationwide causes or when they don’t even believe climate change exists? 

Earlier this year, I was also ignorant to these ideas, just like many others in our immediate area . After talking to some extremely well-versed people in climate change, I have changed my ways, striving for perfection, even though that is physically impossible. Simple actions such as recycling, using a reusable water bottle, or even drinking straight out of a cup without a straw or lid can be massive steps for the health of our precious earth. I’m not asking people to be perfect because I can’t ask others to do something I can’t, but I’m just asking for conscious decisions about what you’re doing and how it can affect the world around you.