Gender schools- Good or Bad?

How relevent are gender schools in today’s society.

Gender schools- Good or Bad?

Liya Patel, Staff Writer

I’ll admit, always getting an education in a public school for the last 11 years of my life has definitely influenced how I feel about going to school with different genders. I have grown up with doing class projects, going to recess, and eating my lunch on a day-to-day basis with all genders present.

I think, for those very reasons, I have become a better person for myself and for society. No, I do not know what it is like to go to an all boys/girls school, however I find it quite reasonable to assume that they have learned things a completely different way.

Being around all genders for my entire life has exposed me to the reality of society and how to handle different social strategies that are thrown my way. For example, being able to collaborate in a workplace with all genders comes easy to me because I have been taught how to do so, in public school.

Restrictions on gender exposure in gender schools, have a variety of negative effects. Being in an all boys/girls school has been shown to hold students back when it comes to working with the other gender to problem solve and collaborate.

Gender based schools may have some benefits when it comes to a stricter education and less distractions, but is it really worth it to only come out not knowing how to handle basic human interactions in today’s day and age?