Schools, Students, and Stereotypes

Schools, Students, and Stereotypes

Erika Kolseth, Staff Writer

Every school is known for something — an amazing football team, school spirit or even the actions of students that go there. I’ve always wondered how other students from other schools view my school, Blue Valley High.

The students at Blue Valley High generally agree that our school is known for its “family bond” feel. But not all students feel that at their high school. Students from each Blue Valley School shared their opinions about what Blue Valley High’s stereotype is. 

  • Blue Valley West- Country/ “Hick”
  • Blue Valley North- Wealthy/ Academically achieved
  • Blue Valley Northwest- Wealthy/ Entitled
  • Blue Valley Southwest- Entitled/ “Hick”

What I have taken from this experience is how easy it is to judge other schools based on location, school spirit and rumors. Generally each school agrees that Blue Valley High is wealthy and country, but you can never judge a book by its cover!