Students must follow guidelines provided by Blue Valley, CDC


Olivia Sherlock, Story Editor

Let’s address the elephant in the room: this learning situation is NOT ideal.

Not only is this the freshmen’s first introduction to high school, but it’s also the senior’s last goodbye from this chapter of their lives.

It’s obviously sad to hear that this is how it’s going to be, but we can still make the most of this year.

We are in a pandemic, and that’s not going to magically disappear.

This is a group effort, and together we must try to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

First off, we must follow the CDC guidelines — social distancing, masks and proper hygiene. If these precautions aren’t taken seriously, our schedule will once again change.

One concern is student and staff health; however, it is also imperative students continue learning with a consistent schedule.

According to a study from The Lancet Psychiatry, those who have an active daytime routine have healthier sleeping cycles. Sleeping, especially for teenagers, is important to maintain a stable mental health.

Chair of the Department of Psychiatry for the Jersey Shore University Medical Center M.D. Ramon Solhkha stated the COVID-19 crisis has led to “a lack of structure that can contribute to stress, anxiety and even clinical depression.”

Not only is wearing a mask important to protect physical health but also mental health. The quicker we are able to stop the spread of the virus, the quicker we are able to create a more stable schedule which, in turn, will help our mental health.

Having a consistent routine is vital to let one’s body know what to expect for the day. Staggered start times every other day make it difficult for students to maintain regularity, including finding a sleep schedule that works with the homework load, especially with the removal of Tiger Paws.

The only way for students to ensure stability is by following health regulations and not becoming complacent.

The Blue Valley School District wants to make sure students are still able to learn despite the constantly changing restraints on how education can be provided.

We have to start playing our part in this pandemic. We have to continue wearing masks and social distancing. This is the bare minimum. If we can’t do this, we can expect to never get back our Prom, our school or our lives.

Hybrid is not ideal, and it is in no way consistent. Following CDC health regulations will be a catalyst into getting our school back to normal.

Let’s all play our part to help to get things back on track — the more cooperative we are, the sooner we can have the school year we deserve.