Cold Brew or No Brew

iced coffee is better than hot coffee. change my mind.

Cold Brew or No Brew

Olivia Sherlock , Story Editor

You see it all over Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat– girls posting their coffee “routines.” Similar to other internet trends, every video comes with one making fun of the people who choose to put their coffee preferences into the world. 

The videos are often called “basic” and “cringy” and criticism comes when people point out that the coffee has exorbitant amounts of sweeteners, creamers and flavoring. 

Many argue that it is not real coffee if it is iced and full of extra flavors that alter the taste. 

To people who believe that straight black hot coffee is the only real coffee, I respectfully disagree. 

Black coffee is fine to some, but to many is too harsh and pungent. Creamers and sugar help to make the coffee taste better for those with a less bold outlook on what is okay to put in your body. 

What the opposition does not understand is that coffee is simply a pick me up to get one through the day. This coffee bullying has left people to decide between being sluggish and tired throughout the day or drinking something that tastes like garbage water to them. 

Furthermore, the fact that the “better” coffee is hot is reason enough to not like it. Cold-brew is simply more efficient and less painful to drink. 

Hot coffee burns someone’s tongue if they drink it too soon after they make it, and it can take a long time for the coffee to cool off. If the coffee is cold already there is no need to waste your time waiting for the coffee to cool off. 

If someone were to spill coffee on themselves all that would happen is maybe a stain on the shirt, but if hot coffee is spilled on you your skin will burn.

While hot coffee is more accessible on short notice, cold coffee can save you a lot of time in the morning if you simply plan ahead. 

So long as someone makes their hot coffee, as they normally would, at night then all that has to be done is for it to be refrigerated. This way, the next morning all people have to do is pour the already made coffee into a bottle, add ice and whatever cream and sugar they would want. 

Iced coffee is quicker to make, it tastes better and is safer to hold and drink.