High school is your opportunity for growth, for adventure — don’t let it go to waste.


Rylee Bergmann, Staff Writer

Hey guys! Yikes. We made it? I’ll just be sharing a few things I learned throughout high school, not like I’m an expert or anything. Believe me, moving here from another state and starting fresh as a freshman wasn’t setting me up for success, but let me tell you how I somewhat obtained it. 

Freshman year. Looking back, I remember essentially nothing except the friendships I’ve made. This does sound cheesy, but these people helped me develop into who I am today and what path in life I chose. Most of these friendships were short-lived or fizzled as high school went on, but the lessons I learned were crucial. 

I felt support and love from so many different sources, which allowed me to break down societal barriers and do what made me happy. 

Sophomore year. Another fuzzy, blurry year full of forgotten experiences but lasting friendships. This was also the year I found my passion for business. I became a part of the school store and also competed in more business competitions. Not a lot of my friends were interested in this, and I quickly had to force myself out of my comfort zone. I went from the quiet, new girl to this outgoing, bold person.

I encourage every one of you to find your passion and don’t be afraid to explore it. High school is your opportunity for growth, for adventure — don’t let it go to waste. 

Junior year. I’m trying to think of something specific to say that I learned then, but honestly there’s too much. The one thing sticking out to me is when I got my first B. This may not seem significant to most, as grades do not define who someone is, but to me that’s part of who my identity was. 

I was always so focused on being perfect that I wasn’t enjoying my experiences. I was always doing something but was so worried about the next thing, then the next next thing and the next next next thing — I wasn’t living. 

Please, enjoy your present and don’t solely focus on the future. 

Senior year. The year that is always seen as exciting, as the best year. Let me tell you, this has not been the best year, but it has taught perseverance. 

Choosing to keep going is enough. 

Overall, the biggest aspect to keep in mind is INDIVIDUALISM.

Please, do not water down your personality to fit in! It’s important to create friendships and put yourself out there, but never cost who you are as a person. 

On the topic of being spontaneous, don’t be afraid to take chances. The biggest regret I have is not allowing myself to take opportunities. Tell your crush you like them. Enter that photography contest. Learn to speak Mandarin. It can be anything you want to do, but you have to not be afraid to do it.