News in Photos October 2017

Melanie White, Photographer

Melanie White
Pointing at the crowd, sophomore Averey Shaw dances in the fall choir performance. “No matter what you’re going through, [the choir family will] have your back.” she said.
Molly Holmes
Fist pumping, freshman Grayson Edmonds participates in the Homecoming parade. “ I built some of [the float] on a couple of Saturdays and painted it, too,” he said.
Kaitlin Yu
Senior Nick Lester throws the BV Southwest Timberwolf on the fire. Students in National Art Honor Society created the Timberwolf. “[This] is a great way to get everyone excited for the homecoming game,” Lester said.
Melanie White
After her crowning, Homecoming queen senior Caitlin Fitzpatrick greets her friends on the sidelines. “It was an honor to be nominated by my peers,” she said. “It says a lot about what people think [of] you.”
Senior Mary Havens plays the cello in the Sept. 26 orchestra concert. Blue Valley Middle orchestra played along with the high school students. “The upperclassmen [got] to show them what high school is about,” she said.