Tiger Turf October 2017

Melanie White, Photographer

Claire Stein
Preparing to serve, sophomore Taylor Daurenheim competes in a match. “We’re all like family,” she said “We’re really close on and off the court.”
Lily Goodwin
Dribbling the ball, freshman Kobee Austria attempts to out-manuever opposing players. The boy’s soccer team played their last game on Oct. 19 against St. James.
Melanie White
Cheering after a successful drive, senior Morgan Judy cheers during the Homecoming football game. “It was so much fun. Everyone was so hyped up,” she said. “I hadn’t seen that kind of spirit before.”
Melanie White
Junior Megan Nasche dances in the Homecoming halftime show. “I feel like as a team we’ve improved a lot,” she said. “It’s [nice] to see recognition from the student body [for that].”
Melanie White
Performing in the Homecoming half-time show, freshman Rachel Crawford performs an attitude leap. The color guard performs in every football half-time show.
Melanie White
Running the ball, junior Alex Totta attempts to make a touchdown. He said his goal in each game is “to do what the coaches tell me to do and trust my teammates to do their job.”