Boys soccer team defeated by Seaman in quarterfinal

Sara Naatz, managing editor

The boys varsity soccer season ended with a 2-1 loss to Topeka Seaman in the state quarterfinals on Nov. 2.
During the first half, senior Tyler Dixon scored the first goal of the game, putting the Tigers up 1-0.
The score remained until the second half when the Vikings came back to score two goals against the Tigers.
Coach K. Dean Snell said both of the Vikings’ goals resulted from long shots by Seaman that happened to be on frame, and were both unfortunate mistakes by BV.
“The first 40 minutes we controlled the tempo,” he said. “We were feeling pretty confident at half. [Seaman] came out and worked really hard in the second half and it made it hard for us to do what we needed to.”
Junior Taylor Walter said he could tell the Tigers were disheartened after Seaman’s first goal for the tie.
The game finished with a throw in by Walter. A last-second score by the Tigers led to controversy, but the referees ruled in favor of the Seamen. The shot was made after time had expired.
“I threw it into Tom [Adams] and the ball just kind of bounced around,” Walter said. “We scored but [the refs] called the game before it went in.”
Snell said the game did not end the way anyone on the team expected.
“I think there was some disbelief on my part,” he said. “We played well enough to win and we didn’t expect it to end the way it did. It just ends so abruptly.”
Walter said the atmosphere of the locker room was quiet, depressing and unsatisfied.
“A lot of the guys were upset but we stayed as a team and stayed together,” he said. “We played well. We definitely outplayed them, we just got unlucky.”