Super Fans Q and A

Jansen Hess, Sports Editor

What does it take to be a super fan?

Super fan senior Brady Buescher: “It’s takes an unparalleled level of dedication and lots of, of…”

Super fan senior Taylor Walter: “…Lots of time to seek out outfits.”

Yeah, what’s up with your outfits?

BB: “I’ve worn a gorilla [costume]. I’ve worn a cow [costume] to the games.”

TW: “And I’m banana

man. We also have our black tank tops with player’s names and nicknames on them.”

How are the super fans chosen?

TW: “We choose our- selves.”

BB: “No, we are chosen by divine intervention. It’s a God-given gift.”

TW: “It’s ‘cause we’re the best.”

BB: “Fate chooses super fans. It’s not something you

can choose. Only it can choose you.”

Are the super fans only seniors?

BB: “I would say the super fans are only seniors. We have some potential in coming years, but you’ve got to be a senior to be a true super fan.”

Are super fans all boys or are there any girls?

BB: “All boys.”

TW: “It’s all boys. Don’t listen to what Kaylee [Snedden] or Hannah

[Skidmore] says — they’re all boys.”

What do you have to do as a super fan?

BB: “Well, you’ve got to go all out for spirit days, dress up for the games and get to the games redonku- lously early.”

TW: “Be at every game football game, front row, start cheers, be there really early — really, really early. And keep it going all game.”

BB: “Losing your voice — that’s a requirement.”