Q&A: Varsity boys soccer coach discusses BV vs. BV West rivalry


The boys varsity soccer team played Blue Valley West on Friday, Aug. 30. Students came to support the team dressed in leis, grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts for the beach theme. With two goals from senior Sam Roussoupolos and one goal from senior Ben McDonald, the Tigers finished the game 3-5, down two points to BV West. McDonald, senior Josh Krestine and junior Carson Funk were credited with the assists.

Q&A with varsity boys soccer coach K. Dean Snell:

Question: Does the game against West get really physical?
Answer: “I think it does [get physical], but just like there is mutual respect from the coaches,” varsity boys soccer coach K. Dean Snell said. “I think there is mutual respect from the players also. Especially because some of those players play on the same club team, so it’s physical to the point where we play in the confines of the rules.”

Q: Is there a rivalry between the coaches?
A: “Yes, mainly because I consider [BV West’s varsity soccer] Coach [Alex] Aimon a friend. It’s always hard losing to a friend, but we have mutual respect.”

Q: Did a lot of people go out to the game last year?
A: “I think so because it was a rivalry, but not as many as we were anticipating this year.”

Q:When did the rivalry against West start?
A: “My first year here, which was in fall 2001, [the first year West opened].”

Q: Is West JV soccer team rivals with BV’s soccer team?
A: “We are so close so I believe they do.”