Wrestling at Blue Valley High School

Ashley Thompson, Fall 2014 J1 student.

Wrestling at Blue Valley High


“During the season we practice Monday through Friday five days a week,” wrestling coach Kale Mann said. “The exception would be if we don’t have a competition that day, but pretty much practice five days a week.”

What does it take to become a wrestler at Blue Valley High School?

“It takes a lot of hard work and practice,” principal Scott Bacon said. “Wrestling is the toughest six minutes in sports. We don’t do a lot of running — we just focus on wrestling. The number of pins in a match determines who wins.”  I coached for almost 20 years and I had some girls that thought about coming out but never did, Bacon said.”  It is mainly a male sport.


The top returning wrestlers, according to Mann for the 2014-2015 season, include Madl, Totta and Fuller. There are scholarships available but the cost depends on different schools.