A Run-derful Summer

Cross country athletes anticipate off-season training

Molly Holmes, Staff Writer

As the 2016-17 school year comes to an end, many athletes prepare for the beginning of summer practices for the upcoming fall season. Cross country is one of the several fall and winter sports that begins training over the summer.

Sophomore Brooke Urczyk is a part of the BV Cross Country team and says she is anticipating the start of summer runs.

“I really enjoy summer practices,” Urczyk said. “I get to know the whole team and meet the new runners.”

Summer training also serves as a good preview for the fall sports season as athletes aspire to start the season off strong.

“I am most excited to push myself and see if I can break my personal record record [of 23:01],” Urczyk said.

Cross country practices take place Monday through Friday around 6:30 each morning in hopes of beating the summer heat.

Sophomore Emily Heideman decided to join the BV Cross Country team for the 2017-2018 school year.

“I’m excited for summer practices because it will help me get more in shape for the season” Heideman said. “It will be nice to keep a routine during the summer”.

Heideman ultimately decided to join because of her participation in track this spring.

“I think track has helped me get ready for cross country because I know most of the routes that we will run” Heideman said.

Both Urczyk and Heideman agree that the entire cross country team has a close bond with each other.

“I’m most excited for the sense of family that comes with it” Heideman said.