Shooting Hoops

Students prep for basketball tryouts


Charlie Trent, Editor-In-Chief

As the fall sports season ends, BV student-athletes put away their soccer and football gear to get ready to try out for a new season of boys basketball. Among these students is freshman Will Creamer, who said he is excited to be trying out.

“Trying out for sports always makes you nervous, but being a freshman can make it even more intimidating because you have to try really hard to impress them since it’s their first impression of you,” Creamer said.

He also said that he put his best foot forward for the season because he is passionate about the sport.

“I really like doing [basketball] because I’m tall and that really helps me out,” Creamer said. “I also like it though because I like to push myself to do better and have more motivation than other sports I do like soccer or track.

In addition, Creamer said that he was prepared for these tryouts in particular because he attended the over the summer workouts as well as the weekday workouts in the weeks leading up to the tryouts.

“I would say I was in really good shape compared to some people because I went to the [workouts] over the summer and the workouts that we’re doing right now right before the tryouts,” Creamer said.

Although these workouts helped prepare him, Creamer said that the workouts were very difficult physically.

“I’m in decent shape, and those workouts kicked my butt. They were mostly running and doing suicides, which I hate doing.”

Finally, Creamer said he hopes that his hard work and attendance would pay off.

“Being on the team is always the goal. Hopefully, my impression and hard work will impress the coaches and it will land me a spot on the team.”