Kylar Murray


Jaron Cole, Staff Writer

Kyler Murray is a hot topic right now. He is the proud new winner of the Heisman Trophy, which is awarded to the most valuable college football player.

Murray is the junior quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners of Oklahoma University. This was his first year as the starting quarterback due to his processor, Baker Mayfield, who is the previous Heisman Trophy winner and current NFL quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

Many believed the Sooners would not be championship contenders, considering Murray’s lack of playing time. He proved those beliefs to be straight myths as he carried his team to 12-1 record with the playoffs still in the future.

With his amazing running abilities and his powerful arm, is there anything he can not do?

Football is not the only sport in Murray’s wheelhouse. He has his fair share of baseball in his athletic career.

While attending Oklahoma University, he was the centerfielder for the baseball team. His quarterback style gave him an edge on the competition with his strong arm and quick running. Murray’s stats on the baseball diamond were just as impressive as they are on the gridiron.

He finished the 2017-18 season with a .300 batting average, 10 home runs and 10 stolen bases. These stats caught the eyes of the Oakland Athletics. The MLB drafted Murray as their first pick in the 2018 draft. Going ninth overall is outstanding considering baseball is not the only sport he plays.

After the 2018-19 football season comes to an end, Murray will be taking his talents to Wisconsin where he will start as the new rookie center fielder of the Athletics minor league team, The Beloit Snappers. Murray plans to continue football as an NFL player while also being an MLB player.

He is not the first to do so, but could he be the best to ever do it?