Humbled & Hungry

Senior leads Varsity soccer team heading into playoffs

Maddy Kang, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This year, senior Jack Dillavou was named a captain of the boys varsity soccer team. 

“The team voted on captains at the beginning of the season,” Dillavou said. “[Senior] Hayden Young was a captain last year so he was chosen by coach whereas me and the other captain, [senior] Grant Calvert were voted on.”  

Dillavou said his duties as a captain differ from on and off the field.

“On the field, I would say I am the voice of the team,” Dillavou said. “Off the field, I do my best to lead by example, whether it’s how I act in school or how I treat others around me.”

Dillavou said his favorite part of the soccer season is the bonds he forms with his teammates.

“This team is so special in that we are all great friends and can have fun with each other,” Dillavou said. “These guys are just such an amazing group.”

Dillavou emphasized that the team chemistry is unlike anything he’s been a part of. 

“We love going out there and playing for each other — no person is more important than anybody else,” he said. “It’s more like a group of friends going out and playing soccer together rather than anything else and just having fun. I contribute to it by trying to keep an awesome, friendly environment where everybody wants to work hard and at the end of the day, just want to win.”

Dillavou believes that a successful leader should be respectful.

“Treating others with importance and truly caring really goes a long way,” Dillavou said. “Perseverance is also a huge one. Having a leader who pushes through hard situations can get others to do the same. Finally, a leader needs to be honest and trustworthy by those who look up to them.”  

Dillavou said his end goal for himself and the team is winning state, but he’s just happy to be playing. 

“Scaring teams in the playoffs is alone an incredible feeling so I’m happy with however far we go — but we are going to give everything to reach that state final,” Dillavou said.