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Vince Orozco
Vince Orozco is THE Managing Editor for “The Tiger Print.” Vince’s skills include rapping and writing long essays that nobody reads. In school, he is THE President for National History Honor Society, varsity Scholars’ Bowl competitor, and founder of Philosophy club. Outside of school, Vince enjoys making and listening to hip-hop music, watching movies and reading philosophy. He is a Hip-Hop scholar and expert on all things Kanye West. If you were to play one second of any song from Kanye West’s solo discography, he could tell you the name of the song and the album it appears on. He also is a pinko tankie with a copy of the Communist Manifesto signed by Karl Marx himself. Vince hopes to one day find a vegan bae and together they will become one with the masses and conduct Protracted People’s War and effectively overthrow the capitalist system. His daily routine includes waking up and eating all veggies, no eggs, then hitting the gym and working out — all chest, no legs. Then he makes a smoothie and afterward makes a movie. His motto is “Screams from the haters got a nice ring to it/every superhero needs his theme music.”

Vince Orozco, Managing Editor

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