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CAPS Director accepts award for program

Sam Brennan, Ads Manager

April 13, 2011

Recently, Donna Deeds, CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) Executive Director,  accepted the Edison Award in New York City on behalf of CAPS. CAPS won the Gold in the Category of Living, Working and Learning Environments-Higher...

CAPS program limits students’ exploration of careers

Sara Naatz, managing editor

December 16, 2010

Oh the CAPS program. Center for Advanced Professional Studies. So advanced, in fact, that it may be a little too advanced for high school students. It’s not that we’re incapable of this higher level thinking or using the ...

CAPS allowed access to online sites restricted at BV

Emily Brown, Copy Editor

October 14, 2010

“Content blocked by your organization.” The dreaded page that appears whenever you type in the URL for Facebook or YouTube. For a newspaper staff member like me, those five little words are infuriating. I don’t care...

Online opportunities available at CAPS not offered at BV

Annie Matheis, News Editor

October 14, 2010

The new CAPS center is equipped with exclusive social networking capabilities not available at district high schools. The social media options for CAPS students include Facebook and YouTube access. The CAPS Center is unblocked...

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