DIY Decorations

Save money, get creative


Tymber Moody and Olivia Sherlock

Ghost in the window:

Ever get scared of your own reflection? Well with this DIY decoration you’ll have a new reason to jump when looking in the mirror. All it takes is three easy steps, draw the figure onto the back of a frosted window film sheet, cut the figure out, and apply the sheet to the mirror. Similar to ghosts, the frosted window film vanished without a trace, so it’s an easy cleanup.


  1. Draw the ghost figure on the back of a sheet of frosted window film
  2. Cut out the figure and its features

Mini trick or treat lanterns:

In the dark we want something bright to catch our eyes, how about the friendly Halloween phrase “trick or treat”? In just 4 steps you can make lanterns to place on your steps for Halloween.


  1. Spray paint your cans black and wait for them to dry
  2. Take a pencil and mark out the words trick or treat on each can
  3. Take your nail and hammer and make holes in the cans spelling out the words
  4. Once your cans look the way you want, place a candle inside to let the light revel the words


DIY gravestone:

Want a scary Halloween decoration, but don’t have the money to buy one? Here’s a scary cheap and fun idea for you.




  1. Hot glue wooden dowels to the back of the board to act as a stake
  2. Apply sticky letters to board the spell out your spooky phrase
  3. Spray gray spray paint all over the board
  4. Carefully remove all the stickers
  5. Use any extra wooden dowels to carve cracks into the spray-painted board