David Squared

Two sophomores start a podcast

Sophomores David Borisky and David Edwards decided to start a podcast at the end of last year. The idea of the two Davids starting a podcast came up by a friend.

“We were talking to each other in band for an absurd amount of time and then Brian went up to us, and said, ‘You guys should do a podcast,’ and we were like, ‘We should,’” Edwards said.

In their podcast, they talk about anything and everything.

“We’ve had ones on vampires, the alphabet, Home Alone, Santa Claus, new beginnings, the End Times, board games, snow days and Valentine’s Day,” Edwards said.

The topics they discuss can depend on what month it is, what is going on in their lives or just whatever comes to mind. 

“We have a chat on Discord that if we have an idea, we’ll just throw it out there,” Borisky said. “If one of us doesn’t come up with an idea, we’ll just take one from that.”

There are many steps that go into creating an episode. 

“Normally, I’ll say, ‘Hey, David, you want to record?’ Then he’ll say, ‘Sure,’ and then we’ll record it,” Edwards said. “Then I’ll get on my dinky little WeVideo account and pop music in, have it fade out, put our logo up for the video and then upload it.”

For their podcast, there is very minimal editing, as they like to keep it original.

“You can still hear everything [in the background],” Borisky said. “Someone will interrupt me, or I’ll have to call out to my parents or something.”

For their setup, they get creative and work with what they have.

“It’s a pretty basic setup,” Borisky said. “I have a $30 Walmart mic that I use. I put my phone on my lap and then my computer on top of it, and that’s how I get the audio. We’re hoping we can improve it somehow.”

They have already had their first guest on the podcast, and plan on having more in the near future.

“We’re hoping to get more Davids on for David cubed,” Edwards said.“So far, our end goal is the David penteract. Five David’s in one place.” 

They also have planned out what future episodes are going to be about. 

“I’m thinking for April we’re probably going to do a parody episode,” said Edwards. “We had an idea for May of a bad movie review, and then October will be our demon episode.”

Both Edwards and Borisky admit they are new to this and are still figuring things out.

“I am very bad with technology; David is very bad with technology,” Edwards said. “Chris Hemsworth is very bad with technology.”

Starting a new podcast comes with its struggles.

“It always seems like there’s a challenge with the audio because we generally get on a Discord call and there’s always something — someone can’t hear someone or someone’s audio is messed up,” Borisky said. 

Both Davids agree that their podcast is just for fun, and they don’t want to take it too seriously. 

“Don’t expect a whole lot,” Borisky said. “It’s good but it’s not professional quality by any means.”

They hope that their unique ideas and original way of doing things will pull listeners into their podcast. 

“There’s authenticity in this cobbled-together mess of a podcast,” Edwards said. “We’re not trying to go for anything wildly amazing. We’re not trying to just say what we think will be popular. It’s just literally us talking about our thoughts on the topic. We just say stuff and hopefully, it’s entertaining.”


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