March News in Photos

Melanie White
Wrapped in a phone cord, junior Justin Schoenfeld sings and acts in the musical. “Bye, Bye Birdie” was performed Feb. 2-4 and was Schoenfeld’s third BV musical. “I was a specialty dancer in teen chorus,” Schoenfeld said. “The rehearsal process is really awesome — I get to be with my friends. Putting on a production that is enjoyable to a lot of people is really fun.”
In the splits, senior Jack Jones competes in the “Mr. Relay” Competition at Relay For Life. This year, the BV schools raised their millionth dollar. “I relay because my mom passed away from cancer four years ago,” Jones said. “The best part was Mr. Relay because I raised $230 extra for cancer research.”

Lindsay Barash
Standing in front of the student body, junior Kaysha Foil speaks about ridicule he has faced because of being different. Foil is a member of Gay-Straight Alliance and performed a speech with his fellow members of GSA. “My freshman year I came out as gay, and I felt like I needed more of a support group other than my friends,” Foil said. “I decided to go to one of the [GSA] meetings, and I’ve been there ever since.”
Isabelle Allen
In the PAC, sophomore Tyler Gerry plays at a concert with the orchestra. The BV orchestra is conducted by Amy Fear. “My favorite part is the people,” Gerry said. “[I have played] the base since elementary school.”

Isabelle Allen
Senior Grace Hunter acts in “The Bad Seed.” Advanced Rep Theatre performed the play in black and white, which required actors to wear face paint. “It was definitely one of the most intense plays I’ve ever done,” Hunter said. “We all had to have a southern accent. There was a lot of intense makeup.”
Melanie White
Clapping for Sweetheart royalty, senior Ashkon Saravi congratulates senior Morgan Hoffman. Sweetheart royalty was crowned at the dance on Feb. 11. “I was really excited because one of my good friends, Kyle Mabe, was up for it and I was hoping he would win but he didn’t,” Saravi said.
Marianna Montgomery
Cutting the ribbon, senior Juliann Phillips stands with her fellow Tigers Inc. staff members. Tigers Inc. is BV’s school store, and it opened for business on Feb. 23. “We started right at the beginning of the school year planning,” Phillips said. “Everyone got to see what we have been working on for months for the first time, and it was definitely the greatest thing about this experience.”