Chambers seniors seek scholarships for musical theater

Standing on stage, stricken with professional poise, seniors Hannah Scott and Austin Stang perform at 110 percent, connecting with the audience through every motion they make.

Scott and Stang have been members of the Chambers show choir since sophomore year.

Both developed a strong passion for singing at a very young age.

Dance was a large part of Scott’s life throughout her childhood. She attended a few different dance programs but found a home with Miller-Marley School of Dance and Voice, continuing to dance with that company today.

“When I am dancing I can release every type of emotion I have,” Scott said. “When it’s a good day or a bad day I can express how I feel with all my motions.”

As for Stang, he started dancing his freshman year when Chambers director Marsha Moeller suggested dance class for him.

Scott and Stang agree one of the greatest aspects of Chambers is the positive and fun atmosphere in the classroom.

“With the people in the classroom, you just know its going to be fun,” Stang said.

Scott enjoys spending time and growing every day with her peers in Chambers.

“It is great being able to share your interests with other people,” Scott said. “In high school it’s hard to find people that enjoy what you do, especially when everyone is trying to figure out what they personally love to do.”

For Scott, Chambers helped her grow as a person and taught her many qualities that will help with her future career goals.

“It has helped me become a better leader and helps me with understanding people and using their different ideas,” Scott said. “Also, Chambers helped my ability to sing and dance at the same time. I have always done them, just not together.” 

Stang joined Chambers for some experience of the performing world but gained much more.

“I benefited in many ways as a performer and as a person with the people I was around every day,” Stang said.

Moeller witnesses both Stang’s and Scott’s passion and dedication every day in class. 

“They model the level of performance that is needed,” Moeller said. “They are both natural leaders and set a very high standard for the classroom.”

Both seniors receive a lot of support from friends and their families.

“My parents have always helped me with dance and voice lessons,” Stang said. “They always work to make me better than I am now.”

Scott appreciates all the love and support given from her family and friends.

“My mom has always been my biggest supporter,” Scott said. “She has really just always been the one there. My friends are also great supporters. They come and see my shows.”

Oklahoma City University offered Scott a scholarship, which she accepted with plans to major in dance performance.

“My future goal is to end up on Broadway, somehow, someway, be living in New York and to become a Rockette,” Scott said.

Stang received a scholarship to Wichita State through its musical theater program. 

However, he still has five more auditions and will later decide where he will be attending. 

by Jordan Huesers