Kansas City area offers various St. Patrick's Day hangouts

36th Annual Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Where: Broadway from 33rd to 43rd Street

When: 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

What: This world-famous parade will have a “going green” theme this year. The parade is always a classic event to go to on St. Patrick’s day and a fun time. Viewers will find some of the greatest floats in Kansas City, the most outrageous crowd and more people out of their minds then you can count. This parade is a crazy, fun experience for anyone who goes and an exceptional “people-watching” event.

Flannigan’s Right Hook concert

Where: Llywelyn’s Pub, 151st Street and Metcalf Avenue

When: 4 p.m.

What: A Kansas City Irish rock band will perform what gets classified as “Celtic Rock.” Flannigans Right Hand is one of the bands that always represents this genre. Their music is traditionally performed in Ireland, but they sometimes incorporate the rap-and-rock environment of Kansas City. Their playlist for concerts include many classic Irish Ballads, U.S. country songs or even a little bit of U2.

Eddie Delahunt concert

Where: Mike Kelly’s Westsider, Mo.

When: Right after the Parade

What: A one-man Irish rock musician, Eddie Delahunt is a soulful Irish singer-songwriter and musician in the folk tradition. He is known as the best Irish performer and singer in Kansas City by his fans, and they have a good reason to say so. Most say if you only buy one Irish CD, or go to any Irish concert, he is the guy to see. He combines acoustics with Irish classics to make a sound of music most never hear of. This will surely be a packed house beginning immediately after the parade.  This is sure to be a good concert to go and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your friends.

by Chris Roche