Apple faux pas: iPad doesn’t live up to hype of iTouch or MacBook

Chris Roche, Staff writer

Apple claims the iPad is a magical, revolutionary experience starting at $499. Being the nerd I am, I was excited to see the latest technology Apple could bring to the world. 

The iPad is a tablet computer which the user can carry around with them. Users can browse the Internet, play games from the App store or read an e-newspaper, just like a normal laptop. Except users won’t be able to multi-task, make phone calls or take pictures.  

While calling it an oversized iPod touch is too general, the iPad didn’t live up to its potential. Don’t start calling me an Apple hater, or a Windows lover yet, just hear me out. I own an iPhone; it is one of the few products that lives up to all the hype Apple gets.

On the iPhone owners can use an App while talking to a friend, listen to music while reading the newspaper and upload photos straight to the Internet. With the iPad users cannot do more then one task at a time, a big letdown considering their phone that costs less is able to multitask easily. 

If I spent $499 on any laptop, Mac or PC, I should be able to do everything a mobile computer can do. Why would Apple release their revolutionary product without all of the same capabilities?

Some users argue the size of an iPad is more compact, when really it is not much smaller in size. Coming in at 9.56” x 7.47”, it is not something that will be able to fit in a pocket. 

It will take up some space in a backpack or purse, not much better than an average laptop’s size.

If purchasing an iPad just to have a simple tablet computer to browse news with, listen to music or play games on, I suppose the price is justifiable. However, I prefer to get more than one thing done at a time. 

I’d rather spend my money on a laptop. 

While I enjoy the iPad and the features it has, it doesn’t live up to its hype or its $499 price tag.