‘Vampires Suck’ doesn’t disappoint ‘Twilight’ fans

Jaida Anderlik, Staff Writer

The theater was filled to the brim with teenage girls, talking in excitement with periodic high-pitched giggles and screams. The crowd was ready for their favorite saga to be mocked on screen.
From moment one, the popular book series by Stephenie Meyer and the movies based on it was ridiculed and laughed at by so-called “fans.”
Vampires Suck, written by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, who wrote other popular parody movies together, was a laugh fest. The acting was good, the plot easy to follow and the jokes were hilarious.
While most parody films mock a variety of different movies, Vampires Suck mainly mocks at the expense of the Twilight Saga. Other vampire shows have appearances, however, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood.
The only prerequisite for seeing and enjoying this parody is to see Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. If you don’t then the jokes will go right over your head.
If you have seen the movies and read the books there is nothing to do but sit back and be ready to laugh.
It is an easy movie to watch and enjoy. Vampires Suck provides viewers an escape from work (and thinking).