‘Jeggings’ trend anticipated fad of season, receives mixed reviews

Courtney Woodworth, Circulation manager

From the hills of Hollywood to the halls of BV, the hybrid between jeans and leggings is making its mark in the world of fashion.
“I think that jeggings are going to be a fashion fad,” Wet Seal fashion associate Lindsey Glass said. “They will probably last about six months to a year.”
At Wet Seal, jeggings range from extra-small to extra-large with anywhere from dark-washed to acid-washed coloring.
“With jeggings you have to be careful because they tend to run a little small,” Glass said. “I usually recommend sizing up to people looking for a pair.”
The price for a pair of jeggings at Wet Seal is about halfway between the price of jeans and the price of leggings. Jeggings will cost you $15, while leggings are $7 and jeans are usually $25.
“If someone is carrying around a tunic or T-shirt I usually tell them to ‘Try these jeggings, they’re only $15,’” she said.
Jeggings look like jeans and are made of the same fabric used for leggings.
“I thought they were jeans when I first bought them,” sophomore Grace Anne Johnson said. “When I got them home, I was confused because they didn’t have front pockets.”
Jeggings are an alternative way to get the look of jeans for a lower cost.
“They’re just like skinny jeans except easier to handle because they are stretchier,” Johnson said. “They’re also really inexpensive.”
Although she said that the jeggings were more affordable and comfortable, overall she prefers jeans.
“I like skinny jeans better than jeggings,” she said. “They’re better quality and have more variety in styles.”