The smartest phones: Release of new smart phones amps up competition

Chris Roche, Sports editor

HTC Evo:
The Evo is Sprint’s new flagship smartphone. Sprint put all the news gadgets and apps they had into it.
The Evo has a big advantage over the other phones because it features the 4G mobile network, meaning it can load Internet and apps faster.
Another feature that sets the Evo apart is a kickstand that makes it easier to use than other smartphones.
One of the only things I wasn’t a fan of on the Evo is its programming and the touchscreen. I would mis-click things often when my finger was directly on what I wanted to push.
There were too many pages of apps on the phone, unlike the iPhone which fits 16 apps on one page.

iPhone 4:
Apple released yet another version of the iPhone over the summer.
It is filled with a ton of new features and was Apple’s main project in 2010.
One of it’s most advanced features is FaceTime, a video chat appliation.
The FaceTime application only works if both people have an iPhone 4, which is a bummer for me because the only people I know with the new iPhones are my parents.
The iPhone 4 also has multitasking capabilities, which greatly improves the usage of the phone. It runs up to four programs at one time, making it much simpler to use then its predecessors. You can also film HD video and edit and upload it straight from the phone, another awesome feature.