Movie review: The Social Network

Jordan Huesers, Entertainment editor

The Social Network follows the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, played to perfection by Jesse Eisenberg.
This is the first movie to capture the true meaning of the Internet in our daily lives as it explains the beginnings of social networking via the Internet.
It follows the story of how Zuckerberg created Facebook while at Harvard, the enemies he made and the legal issues he encountered.
The movie plays off the irony that Zuckerberg, a visionary tyrant, alienates everyone around him while creating a social media network based on the sole idea of connecting friends. All 500 million of them.
Justin Timberlake makes a special appearance as Sean Parker, the “bad influence” for Zuckerberg. Timberlake nailed the performance and deserves a best supporting actor nomination.
The movie is fascinating throughout and you will find yourself drawn into the story of genius, betrayal and friendship.
Trust me, this is a movie people will actually be talking about a week after seeing it.