Striving for the next dimension

Jaida Anderlik, Staff Writer

Broomsticks zoom past your ears.

Spells whiz past your head.

Dragon tails swish past your nose.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1 was planned to be released in 3D.

The movie is currently scheduled to open on Nov. 19.

Warner Bros. Entertainment made a statement saying it didn’t want to push back the release date any more in order to convert the movie to 3D.

The intention was to redo the entire movie to attract more viewers by playing to the current 3D craze.

As if they don’t have a big audience already.

I go to theaters to see a movie. Hopefully, a good one, although that is not always possible. I fully accept that reality must be suspended in order to enjoy the movie. I know what happens on screen is not real.

So why must movies be in 3D?

Harry Potter is wonderful — at least I think so. Sure it is taking a little while to finish up, but waiting is just part of the fun.

Production companies make movies in 3D in a ploy to extract a few more dollars from viewers. They hope to influence their fan base to pay more for the “3D experience.”

I am not one of those people who gets a headache from watching a movie with those dorky glasses, but I still don’t enjoy watching 3D films.

I feel no need for an added dimension. I’d rather focus on plot than the special effects.

Fortunately, part one of the upcoming Harry Potter finale won’t have an unnecessary dimension. The second part reportedly will, but I’ll worry about that next July.

For now, I’ll take delight in watching the beginning of the end of Harry Potter with broomsticks, spells and dragon tails staying within the screen.