Megamind: not a typical superhero story

Jaida Anderlik, Staff writer

Despite its misleading commercials that caused me some confusion at the start of the movie, I found Megamind to be a refreshing take on a typical superhero flick.
Megamind follows Will Ferrell’s character from the explosion of his planet, to his childhood years, to his feats as a supervillain.
From the beginning, he fights for respect, attention and power from his nemesis Metro Man, played by Brad Pitt.
Another member of the star-studded cast, Tina Fey, plays a frequently-kidnapped reporter who is always saved by Metro Man. Despite this, no romance between the two ever ensues.
The twist that keeps this movie from falling into a bland ‘bad vs. evil’ abyss is Megamind defeating Metro Man and gaining control of Metro City.
That’s right, the supervillian beat the superhero.
All that occurs in the first half hour.
After Megamind’s achievement, he realizes being the bad boy isn’t as fun without a good guy to fight against. He decides to create a new nemesis, but this basically leads to disaster.
Kids, teens and parents alike can appreciate this movie. While there are the funny actions and explosions younger audiences will find hilarious, there are also well-written, witty lines for the more mature crowds.
This movie is playing in 3D, but I found that didn’t add anything to the movie, other than a higher ticket price. If you see Megamind in 2D, you won’t miss out on anything.
This movie was megafun to watch.