CD review: Runner Runner

Sam Brennan, Ads manager

Every artist belongs to a genre, whether that is scream-o or country. Then we have Runner Runner, who can’t decide who to be. Their music is emo, pop and rock all at the same time.
They don’t belong to anything.
Their songs are boring – I feel like I’ve heard all of them before. It’s a typical guy band with average vocals.
Band members include Ryan Ogren, Peter Munters, Jon Berry, Nick Bailey and James Ulrich.
The band founded in 2008 and they release their debut self-titled album on Feb. 15 next year.
These guys are just the Jonas Brothers without Disney Channel to back them up.
Listening to Runner Runner might actually make you sick to your stomach because of how utterly sappy the songs are. I almost was.
The lyrics feel old and overused.The worst part is that it seems like they tried to make them meaningful, but no emotion is evoked from the lead singer Ogren.
How will you feel after listening to Runner Runner? Apathetic. It isn’t completely horrible, but it won’t speak to you in anyway.
Props to whoever designed the album cover. Honestly, that is the most creative part of the whole thing.