Review: ‘Tangled’ another strong Disney flick

Jaida Anderlik, Staff writer

Get caught in the riveting plot of Disney’s Tangled.
The movie is loosely based the tale of Rapunzel. The original story is of a poor peasant couple who wanted out-of-season lettuce that could only be found in a wicked witch’s garden. The witch takes the couple’s first born in exchange for not killing them for their felony.
In the Disney version, Rapunzel is a princess who was stolen soon after birth by a mean old lady, Gothel,  for the magical abilities of the baby’s hair. Gothel raised the girl as her own child.
For her eighteenth birthday, Rapunzel begs her “mother” to let her out of the tower she’s lived in her entire life, but is refused.
Meanwhile, Flynn Rider steals the princess’s crown out of the palace and escapes into the woods. He finds the perfect hiding place in a tower hidden in the middle of the forest.
Rapunzel coerces the thief to be her guide outside of her tower and the story goes from there.
This movie is another classic Disney film. There are silly slap-stick scenes to entertain children as well as witty lines that mature audiences can laugh at.
Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore are the voices of the main characters and carry the story to a new level of greatness.
The necessary Disney songs are catchy. They contributed to the flow of the story instead of detracting from the plot.
Tangled is a wonderful movie to be appreciated by all ages.