Review: Actors tackle challenging roles in ‘Juvie,’ ‘Addict’

Maegan Kabel, Photo editor

These two short plays, Juvie and Addict were absolutely phenomenal.
Theater director Jeff Yarnell has done it again.
In Juvie, teens tell their story on how they ended up in a juvenile detention facility.
Junior Alex Peterson plays his part as a mentally disabled teen who doesn’t even know why he ended up in a jail cell alongside shoplifters and murderers.
Senior Madeline Dorr is a teen convicted of kidnapping a child she was babysitting.
Addict expresses the stories of teens addicted to various substances, from LSD to alcohol.
Junior Rebecca Jenkins tells the story as a pregnant girl with a boyfriend addicted to marijuana. Her eerie singing of ‘Rock a Bye Baby’ ran chills down my back.
Senior Lauren Flack portrays a teen who gets hooked on drinking and ends up at a party, mixing drugs and alcohol.
The set is extremely simple – no props are used.
This fact only helped highlight the stories told.
It wasn’t necessary to see the weight lifting bar that crushed a boy or the clubs used to beat a girl.
The actors gave the audience everything they needed: the thoughts of the teens as they went through their stories.
The endings of both plays left the audience speechless. For both, applause was held off for several minutes as the weight of what we had seen sunk in.
It is a definite must-see for any BV student. It was worth every penny of the entrance fee.

Juvie and Addict will be performed Thursday night at 7 p.m. This is the last night for the show.