Cannibal brings more pop, dance music

Sam Brennan, Ads Manager

I am Cannibal Rawr.
The lead in to Ke$ha’s newest album.
Ke$ha released her sophomore effort Cannibal on November 22.
Cannibal is a fabulous mix of superficial pop music. If you’re wanting to listen to something that is funny and fun then this is your album.
The album has nine new songs for Ke$ha’s fans to rave to.
It is easy to judge her antics of constantly drinking and dancing.  And every time I see Kes$ha I think, ‘She really needs to take a shower.’
However, you know you want to scream and dance to her songs.
She made you feel happy in Animal and now in Cannibal she does it again.
The only problem is that it is almost the exact same thing as Animal.
Same song different lyrics, but because it is Ke$ha it doesn’t matter.
I loved listening to her raunchy and hilarious songs.
Then again her goal is to make her fans dance as dictated by her song ‘Blow’ and Cannibal accomplishes this goal.
It is the holiday season and time to feel happy. Cannibal will bring a smile to your heart.
Take Ke$ha at face value, don’t expect deep lyrics, just get ready to dance.