Q and A with a hipster (senior Joseph Davies)

Kelly Cordingley, Editor in Chief

The term Hipster dates back to the 1930s era when jazz was called hip, according to a Time article. Eventually the adjective became a noun and the “Hipster” was born.  It was a term used to describe young, white people looking to become more like the jazz musicians they admired.

What is a Hipster? “A Hipster is someone who rejects mainstream society. I’m a Hipster.”

What about your outfit is Hipster? “It’s all about irony. Take my ‘80s jacket, it’s disgusting. Because I’m a Hipster I can wear ugly things.”

Will you continue to be a Hipster when you leave high school? “For sure, I’m already starting to grow out dreadlocks.”

Does the Hipster look cost a lot? “If you’re a Hipster you’re either really expensive or really cheap. You either buy stuff at Goodwill or Urban Outfitters, that sort of stuff.”

What clothing incorporates being a Hipster? “You’d wear skinny jeans, cardigans and beanies. Oh, cord shorts are super Hipster too.”

How do Hipsters feel about mainstream music? “First off, Hipsters never, ever listen to the radio because it’s mainstream. Indie music would be considered Hipster but Indie is dead now.”

Why is Indie dead? “The music business killed the independent label.”

Are there certain things that make a Hipster a Hipster? “Well, we’d never buy name brands or go to Starbucks.”