Are you a hipster? (Quiz)

Sara Naatz, managing editor

You’ve got the beanie and skinny jeans, but are you a true hipster?

1. You listen to indie music and often find yourself saying, “I liked that band before they were popular.”

2. You shop at Urban Outfitters and/or American Apparel.

3. You put a great deal of effort into looking like you just rolled out of bed.

4. You shop at Good Will because it’s ironic.

5. You have a million pairs of Converse, Toms, and Vans.

6. You spend an inordinate amount of time at an independent, local coffee shop.

7. You are a vegan/vegetarian.

8. To you, Le Tigre is a band, not a brand.

9. You liked Radiohead’s early stuff, but then they sold out to the man.

10. No matter what the results of this quiz say, you will still deny that you are a hipster.

Add up the number of times you said yes to find out how hipster you are.

0-3: You are not a hipster. Though you may display some hipster-like qualities, you’re either really main stream or into some very different sub-culture. Just remember — hipster is the new emo.

4-7: Are you a hipster wannabe? Keep trying. Hipster is not a day-to-day decision. It is a lifestyle. Embrace the irony.

8-10: Congratulations! You’re a hipster! Now stop grumbling at the fact that you have just been labeled and go listen to your indie bands.