Blog: Music reviews introduction

Odi Opole, Web Editor

It’s almost 11 a.m. on Thursday morning, and I just woke up.
My stereo plays Usher. Youtube plays a lyrics video of an Ike & Tina Turner song. And iTunes plays Hollywood Undead.
How obsessed am I?
An even better question is, how obsessed are you? How obsessed were your parents? How obsessed were your grandparents? How many different genres of music were there in the ‘80s, or the ‘50s? How many different music stars were there? Did previous generations have to think about Ke$ha versus Ben Folds versus Beyonce?
I doubt it.
Technology has changed music as much as it’s changed our social lives or favorite pastimes. Music nowadays is highly decentralized. Gone is the day of the super-mega-star, whose fame is widespread. Gone is the day of huge stars and local bands. Gone is the day of Rock ‘n Roll really meaning Rock ‘n Roll, and Pop being Pop. Everything is much more specific, which makes the music world that much harder for listeners to navigate.
Which is why I’m here to do it for you.
In this blog, all things music will be discussed — album reviews, artist profiles, album previews, and the occasional concert review. Feedback is welcome: letters to the editor, poll responses, and comments are all encouraged. The goal is simply to discuss and enjoy a variety of music — no matter what genre, gender, or country.