Radiohead early CD release sparks premature reviews

Odi Opole, Web Editor

On Monday, Feb. 14, Radiohead announced the release of a new album, King of Limbs. It was to be released later that week, on Saturday, Feb. 19. Then, on Wednesday, Feb. 16, the band released a music video for “Lotus Flower,” one of the tracks on the new album.
They also revealed that they chose to name their eight-track album after an oak tree.
On Friday, Feb. 18, Radiohead turned the music press world on its head: King of Limbs was released for download and pre-order on its own website, and the media games began.
Some reviewers, in an attempt to have the first review out and have the most readers see their opinion, bought and reviewed the album hours after its release on Friday. Now, a week later, reviews are still being pumped out, and the story of the Radiohead release is just starting to clear up. Many websites that posted reviews within hours or days of the release are losing web traffic to those who chose to wait and post more informed in-depth reviews. Because of this, consumers should be careful with which reviews they take to heart, and which ones they write off. The unusual nature and timing of Radiohead’s release schedule lessened the integrity some reviews may have — especially considering the fact that it’s not easy material to review.
The album is available for download in two formats and pre-order of a deluxe package that includes the CD, two tracks on a vynol record, and other goodies. King of Limbs will also be available in stores and on iTunes on March 29.
You can check out a review of the album, along with The People’s Key by Bright Eyes and 21 by Adele in the March issue of the Tiger Print, which will come out on March 9.