Christan band with local ties releases strong sophomore album

Jordan McEntee, Design editor

Other than my fellow Christian music junkies, most people have never heard of the Mikey Needleman Band, much less listened to its new album, All For You.
It’s unfortunate.
We’re going to change that.
For starters, Mikey Needleman is a Johnson County local who started the Mikey Needleman Band in 2006.
This Christian band consists of Needleman on guitar and lead vocals, Bill Hurrelbrink on bass, Lance Pollard on lead guitar and Vince Kirk on drums.
The band released its first album Waiting For You in 2008 and its new album All For You on March 8, 2011.
All For You contains a mixture of up-beat and slow songs; however, they all have the same message — praise and worship.
The first track, and my personal favorite, “All For You” is a fantastic song with high-energy, killer vocals, amazing guitar and especially meaningful lyrics.
It’s one of those songs that I’ll sing and dance along with about 700 times in my car with the windows rolled down. It puts you in the mood to rock out and sing, even if you have a terrible voice like mine.
My favorite thing about this album is that the words actually mean something.
Too many times these days, artists just sing about things that don’t really matter (like Lady Gaga’s P-P-P-Poker Face). Lyrics shouldn’t just ramble and rhyme. Listeners should connect to the lyrics on a personal level — this album is the perfect example of that.
Every track on this CD has the potential to make you sing along while rocking your little iPod headphones, but also to make you actually stop and think about Mikey’s purpose for writing the song.
All For You is overall an incredible album, and I strongly suggest it to anyone who likes some good, solid Christian music, or really anyone at all.
Copies of the album can be purchased on the band’s website and will soon be available on iTunes.