KC shopping scene could benefit from brands popular across U.S.

Odi Opole, Web Editor

We can all think of at least one thing we want that we can’t have.

For some, it’s a new video game; for some, it’s a new car; and for others, it’s that dream store that sells everything you could possibly want or need (from its location in L.A., New York, or Chicago).

However, Kansas City’s shopping future is starting to look bright; stores are opening, and it’s never too late to send a request to your favorite shop asking for a new location in our area.

Here are some local stores to check out, a chain that’s coming to the area soon and a couple stores consumers should think about bringing to KC.

Trader Joe’s:

Coming to: Two separate locations on Ward Parkway and 119th Street

Originated in: Los Angeles, Calif.

Famous for: Trader Joe’s is famous for selling quality organic food for low prices, and for having innovative and interesting foods of its own creation. The store, started in 1958 as Pronto Markets, is also well known for being a “neighborhood grocery store.” It is privately owned and does not franchise – which means anyone who wants a store in their area must request one.

Price range: Pricing starts as low as $1.99

Arizona Trading Company:

Location: 209 Westport Road, Kansas City, Mo.

Famous for: Arizona Trading Company is a consignment and vintage clothing shop, where customers can sell clothes for cash or store credit

Price range: Arizona Trading Company offers low prices, and if customers sell items on credit, they can usually walk out with items of similar value of those they sold Fits-your-style if: Because it’s a consignment shop, Arizona Trading Company will generally carry the styles of whoever shops there most. Shoppers should not expect things to be on-trend or ahead of the trend — however, they can expect to find items of quality, and unique gems that may not even be in stores anymore.


Location: Legends

Famous for: Cheap, designer clothing

Price range: Anywhere from $15 to $60

Fits-your-style if: H&M is like Forever 21; there’s something for everyone, and anyone can find a piece of clothing that works for their individual style. Because H&M products are created by a team of designers, there’s always something new in the works; if you like to mix it up, H&M is the store for you.

Cotton On:

Originated in: Australia

Famous for: Globally-relevant fashion at cheap prices

Price range: $10 to $14

Fits-your-style if: you like H&M.

KC alternatives: Charlotte Russe: Although not as highly stylized as H&M, or as well-known for its fashionable pieces like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe is home to cheap, good-quality clothing that is on-trend and very cute.

Will they ever make it here?

Cotton On does not franchise, which means unlike major chains, it is not focused on expanding to new locations. However, according to the store’s website, people are welcome to request stores in their area.