NoRTH on 119th Street offers light, modern Italian cuisine


Emily Brown, Opinion Editor

NoRTH, a modern Italian inspired restaurant in the shopping area of One Nineteen, proved worth the rather expensive menu items.
I went on a Thursday night and found it refreshingly empty. There were a few couples eating dinner but not too many.
It was quiet, at least until our group of five teenage girls came in, and the atmosphere was relaxed with the green and white color scheme.
Our waiter was engaging while he explained the menu and asked about our lives. He picked out his favorites from the menu, and his recommendations turned out delicious.
He started us off with some bread and butter that I could have eaten as a meal. The bread itself wasn’t extraordinary, but the red pepper spread butter was spectacular.
I have mixed feelings over our appetizers. The zucca chips, fried thinly sliced zucchini, weren’t too bad for healthy “chips”. At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of them. I felt they lacked seasoning and needed some sort of sauce to go along with them. But I found myself reaching for them throughout the night.
We also ordered the Trio of Spreads.
The spreads came with burned bread and an uninspired plating. The Crescenza cheese and extra virgin olive oil spread was delicious, but the hard cheese didn’t spread well and was difficult to eat. The roasted garlic hummus and olive tapenade were….well, boring. I tried both, but ended up just eating the Crescenza cheese with the original bread they had served.
After the appetizers, the server replaced our dirty silverware, which I heartily approved of.
I was already on my fourth Diet Pepsi, and the waiter kept bringing them over.
The main meal definitely made up for the almost insulting, lackluster appetizers.
I shared a fresh mozzarella & basil pizza with three other friends. I wasn’t expecting anything amazing. I mean, it is just a pizza, right? Wrong. Heaven is the only word I could use to describe it.  Even after all of the food I’d eaten beforehand, I managed to scarf down four pieces of the thin, New York style pizza.
The entire night turned out pretty well. The food wasn’t the traditionally heavy, garlicky, Italian I’m used to. It was light, modern and delicious. Though the plating was nothing original, the efficient staff balanced out that negative.
Recommended for: Special occasions
Final Rating: 6 out of 10 stars
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