Matt Maher’s new album appeals to all ages

Jordan McEntee, Sports Editor

Matt Maher’s new album is just as genius as his last five.
I pre-ordered the Catholic artist’s album The Love In Between months ago, and I’ve been impatiently counting down the days ever since.
The new album was finally released on iTunes and in stores today, Sept. 20.
The Love In Between features 12 Christian songs with Maher’s new country style.
His single “Turn Around” was released during the summer and set my expectations for the new album extremely high. This song contains a strong message about repentance and turning around to Christ for forgiveness.
A few other songs from the new album that I particularly like are “Rise Up,” “Woke up in America,” and “On My Way.” They all have different sounds but keep the same type of Christian messages.
The most inspiring line from any of the songs is from the track “Heaven Help Me”: “People quoting the Bible like it could be truth or lies. And I’m standing on the corner with the saints and the sinners trying to quote Your love with my life.”
The first time I heard these lines, they slid right past me. But as I listened to the song again, I realized Maher’s lyrics have so much more depth than what’s on the surface.
Every one of his songs is catchy and meaningful.
I’m in love with this album. My 11-year-old brother loves it. So does my sister. And my mom.
Even my grandma enjoys this CD. She emailed me, saying “I found this new CD that I think you’ll really like!” It’s already on my iPod. Thanks, Grandma.
This goes to show that the album is appealing to literally any age group.
And you don’t have to be a Christian music fan to enjoy this new album. If you love country music, this is definitely the CD for you.
The Love In Between can be found on iTunes, in stores, or at