Unforgettable disappoints, similar to other shows


Photo courtesy of cbs.com

Kelly Cordingley, Editor in Chief

The new series Unforgettable premiered Tuesday, Sept. 20. The show opens with the main character, Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery) working in a nursing home and then, at night, counting cards to bring in money. In these first few minutes, she reveals that she has a rare talent in the form of a biological condition called Hyperthymesia. This allows Carrie to remember every second of her life.

The audience learns Carrie is a former police officer for the Syracuse department. She is abruptly pulled back into police work when a murder occurs in her apartment complex. The officer in charge of the investigation is Carrie’s former boyfriend, and he knows every secret about her and her past.
As he tries to reignite the relationship, Carrie must call upon her talent to help solve the murder. While using her incredible memory to pick out useful clues for the investigation, she begins to remember more details of her older sisters murder, the only moment she can’t remember and the reason she ended her career as a cop nine years ago.

Unforgettable is a slightly different take on a crime shows, but only slightly. She’s an attractive young woman with a dark past that keeps her from moving forward in her love life and professional one — heard that plot line before.
So far, this show is interesting but not enough so to really be unforgettable.