‘Gleek’ finds season three premier disappointing


Anna Wonderlich, Co-Editor

According to Entertainment Weekly, 8.9 million viewers tuned into the season three premiere of Glee on Sept. 20. Although this is such a large number, it was actually 32 percent less people watching compared to Glee’s season two premiere.
To put it simply, I am definitely a Gleek.
Over the summer, I watched The Glee Project every Sunday night and I went to see Glee: The 3D Concert Movie in theaters, so I was more than excited for the new season to begin.
Unfortunately, after I watched the first episode, my high expectations for the show were not met and I was left feeling disappointed.
One of my favorite things about Glee is the music.
They choose songs that I typically wouldn’t listen to or songs from the top-charts that they re-create or mash-up.
In this episode, they performed “We Got the Beat”, “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”, “It’s Not Unusual”, “Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do”, and “You Can’t Stop the Beat” — none of which I really enjoyed. Their vocals are very impressive, but the song selections could have been better by adding a more current song.
The plot line developed in this first episode also seemed very cliché.
Senior year. College looming in the distance. Characters struggle to make plans for the future.
We get it. We’ve all heard this scenario a million times. Hopefully, as the season progresses, Glee will develop a new angle on the same old story.
For me, the episode seemed way to fast-paced, which was another thing I didn’t enjoy. Too many things were happening at once with characters leaving, changing or being introduced. It made the episode really hard to follow. Many times throughout the show I found myself asking “Wait, what?” or “When did that happen?”
Sam is gone because his family moved away for his dad’s job. Zizes quit the New Directions because it was hurting her reputation. Santana is still on the show, but was banned from the Glee Club because she was secretly helping Sue Sylvester. And don’t even get me started on Quinn. She quit the New Directions and took on a new bad-girl attitude, makeover included, because she’s “finally revealing her true personality.”
Despite losing a few of my favorite characters this season, Glee introduced a couple new people during the season premiere.
Blaine transferred to McKinley High to be with Kurt. Mercedes got a new boyfriend named Shane, and they could not be more perfect for each other. Lindsay Pearce, runner-up of The Glee Project, was introduced as Harmony at a NYADA mixer that Rachel and Kurt attended. Sugar Motta, an obnoxious girl with self-diagnosed Aspergers, wants to join the New Directions but is told by Mr. Schuester that she can’t sing.
Although the episode was a let-down, it still reminded me why I love Glee.
I forgot how much I enjoy watching Sue’s attempts at ruining the Glee Club and her crazy personality in general. Mr. Shuester and Emma are still just as cute together as they were last season. I remember how much I love the jokes between the characters and basically anything Brittany has to say.
Even though this episode was mainly about setting the stage and catching viewers up, the writers should have done this in a more entertaining way.
As the season progresses, I’ll be interested to see whether Glee can top its past two fantastic seasons.
Even though the season premiere didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, I’ll still keep watching every week like a true Gleek would.

Glee is on Tuesday nights 8/7c on FOX.