Death Cab for Cutie concert meets expectations

Courtney Woodworth, Photo Editor

Death Cab for Cutie and Telekinesis played at City Market as the lineup for Buzz Under the Stars on Tuesday, Oct. 3rd. The two bands performed greatly with differing aspects to their performance. Telekinesis played very happy-go-lucky music, while Death Cab performed their usual somber music.
Doors opened at 7 p.m. Telekinesis was on the stage an hour later.
Their performance consisted of very upbeat and catchy songs with an intensity to match. Although the crowd didn’t seem to know many of their songs, people appeared to enjoy them, nonetheless.
“Coast of Carolina” was by far my favorite of their set. They started it acoustic, then broke out the other instruments to add more depth and layers to the rest of the song.
They were the kind of band that kept your eyes fixated on them throughout the whole set.
After they performed their last song, roadies immediately took to dismantling the stage. It took them about an hour to switch over to Death Cab’s set.
Death Cab took the stage shortly afterwards, beginning their set with “I Will Possess Your Heart.”
What struck me most about their performance is that they did not rely on sex appeal to keep the audience focused on the stage like many other bands do these days. They just performed.
City Market was the perfect venue for the somewhat indie band. Its closed vendors and contained area fit the band’s sound well. Just past the stage, stood a parking garage full of people who didn’t buy tickets to the show.
The lead singer, Ben Gibbard, commented that “They have the right idea.” His joking attitude towards the people showed that he wasn’t here to perform for money, but for the fans.
Which made a huge difference in their performance.
They almost never stopped between songs — it was as if each song was a continuation of another.
Every note, every lyric, was performed with great intensity and emotion that held my attention throughout the entire set.
Standout performances included: “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” “Transatlanticism,” “What Sarah Said” and “Cath.”
“I Will Follow You Into the Dark” was executed beautifully with just Gibbard’s voice, and an acoustic guitar.
“Transatlanticism” was the closing song for the encore. Although it ended the night on a bittersweet note, the song was the best way to end a laid back show.
“What Sarah Said” held the audience close with its emotional lyrics and heart-wrenching performance by Gibbard.
“Cath” exhibited the bands ability to play various paced songs.
The technical side of the show was great, too. The sound was spot on for both bands, and the lights were as well.
Hands down, this was one of the greatest concerts I’ve been to all year. The parallelism between the two bands ended up being a fantastic combination.