New Girl season premiere disappoints, doesn’t encourage return viewers

Taylor Yeazel, Staff Writer

Out of all of the season or series premieres I saw, “New Girl” was the one I was shocked I didn’t enjoy. This show did not live up to my expectations, and I didn’t find it fantastic.
In the first episode, the main character, Jess (Zooey Deschanel), is cheated on by her model boyfriend and she breaks up with him. Because she needs a place to stay, she moves into an apartment with three men.
Throughout the show,
they find her slightly annoying. At the end of the episode, when she is stood up on a date, the boys come to comfort her. They finally accept her.
The second episode was extremely similar — slow and not funny. She did something they thought was annoying. They stuck up for her in the end.
It was sort of cliché. I anticipated every moment.
Sure, some things were funny, but not enough.
The commercial made it look like a comedy but, in all honesty, there wasn’t comedy.
At all.
Sure, the clips in the commercials were in the show, but the context in which each clip was placed made what seemed not so funny.
I expected this show to be the best out of all of the new shows I watched, and now it’s something I’m not going to watch.