Raising Hope provides comedy, relatable plot

Taylor Yeazel, Staff Writer

This show was one of the best I’d seen in awhile. It made me laugh.
Basically, the problem in this episode was Jimmy (Lucas Neff), the main character, was talented when he was younger, but due to an accident, no longer is.
When his crush, Sabrina, learned he was talented as a child, she swooned, so he set out to become talented again.
The funniest parts of the episodes usually include Maw-Maw (Cloris Leachman), Jimmy’s crazy great-grandmother. In this episode, she taught Jimmy how to play piano.
Greyson Chance guest-starred on this episode as the younger Jimmy, so he sang a few times.
It was actually adorable.
Truly, the plot is never very good, but I will continue to watch this show because of its comic value.
People who like dramatic comedy will enjoy Raising Hope, and everyone can relate to the different plots.