Scary movies for Halloween

Abby Bamburg, Entertainment Editor

While Insidious has no blood and guts, it, by no means, lets you down on the horror scale.
A married couple, Renai and Josh (Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson), move into a house with their three children.
After their oldest son bumps his head in the attic and falls into a coma, creepy figures begin to haunt the couple’s home.
Renai realizes things are getting out of hand and a psychic medium is called in.
As the movie progresses, things get weirder and weirder.
The scariest parts were the mysterious figures popping up out of nowhere. Whether it’s a little boy running through the house, or a random guy dancing around, the ghosts are everywhere.
Almost the entire movie contains paranormal activity. Even though you know it would never happen in real life, it becomes be- lievable, with the exception of a few unrealistic scenes.
For instance, near the end of the movie, viewers see the main demon who looks like a cartoon character.
The red lighting and background music makes it creepy rather than scary.
Although Insidious didn’t necessarily stick out for me, it still made me cover my face with a pillow the entire time.
The crazy psychic, the terrified mother and the strange entities help to make this film a great watch during the Halloween season.

The Haunting in Connecticut
Based on a true story, The Haunting in Connecticut will have you creeped out and grossed out.
The Campbell family moves into an old home to be closer to the hospital where their son Matt (Kyle Gallner) is undergoing an experimental cancer treatment. The family comes to find out nothing is ever as it seems.
Matt moves into the basement to get some privacy, but begins seeing images of a boy from the 1920s after opening a room that proves the house used to be a funeral home.
At first, the family assumes Matt’s treatment is causing him to hallucinate, but then they realize they are facing a bigger problem.
This flick is filled with figures popping up and frightening flashbacks.
The best part about the movie is the mystery aspect. You’re constantly trying to figure out the reason why the funeral home is filled with so much negative energy.
Why is Matt seeing flashbacks in the house when it was a funeral home?
Why is the boy so important?
The Haunting in Connecticut is different from any other horror film. Most ghost movies aren’t as scary anymore because they aren’t real-life situations. However, this film has a different approach to the idea. It’s terrifying because you feel like it actually could happen.
The Haunting in Connecticut is realistic, horrifying and a must-see horror flick for Halloween.